Day Scholars’ Association
  1. All the Day Scholars of the College shall be the member of the association.
  2. The aims and objects of the association are to conduct activities that will foster spirit of fellowship & co-operation among all the Day Scholars of the college.
  3. There shall be a Vice-President of the D.S.A. nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff-
    1. There shall be a Secretary and an Assistant Secretary elected /nominated by from among the students of the college by the principal.
    2. The secretary with the approval of the President shall organize all the functions of the association & shall be in charge of the minutes& correspondence. In the absence of the Secretary, the assistant secretary shall act as the secretary.
  4. There shall be an executive committee consisting of:
    a) The Vice-President
    b) The Secretary
    C) The Assistant Secretary
    d) Class Representatives one from each class.
  5. The fund of the association shall be under the control of the Principal.
  6. Meeting of the association shall be opened to members of the college staff as visitors.
  7. The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the association