The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Khunta Degree Mahavidyalaya stands as a cornerstone in the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and continuous improvement. Established in line with the guidelines of accrediting agencies and regulatory bodies, the IQAC serves as a proactive mechanism for quality enhancement across all dimensions of the institution.

Mission and Objectives:

At Khunta Degree Mahavidyalaya, the IQAC operates with a clear mission and set of objectives:

  1. Ensuring Quality Culture: The primary aim is to nurture a culture of quality consciousness and continuous improvement among stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, and the community.
  2. Facilitating Internal Processes: IQAC facilitates various internal processes that contribute to the enhancement of academic and administrative performance, including curriculum development, teaching-learning practices, research activities, and infrastructure development.
  3. Documentation and Analysis: Another crucial objective is to maintain comprehensive documentation of various academic and administrative activities and analyze the data for informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  4. Benchmarking and Best Practices: IQAC actively engages in benchmarking against national and international standards and identifies and promotes best practices in higher education.
  5. Outcome-Based Education: With a focus on outcome-based education, the IQAC ensures that the institution’s academic programs are aligned with the desired learning outcomes and are regularly reviewed and updated.

The IQAC at Khunta Degree Mahavidyalaya performs a range of functions to fulfill its mission and objectives:

  1. Development and Application of Quality Benchmarks: IQAC develops and applies quality benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities, ensuring adherence to standards and best practices.
  2. Organization of Workshops and Seminars: It organizes workshops, seminars, and faculty development programs to foster a culture of innovation, research, and continuous learning among faculty members.
  3. Quality Assurance in Teaching-Learning: IQAC monitors the quality of teaching-learning processes through regular feedback mechanisms, classroom observations, and peer reviews, striving for excellence in pedagogy.
  4. Student Feedback and Grievance Redressal: It collects and analyzes feedback from students regarding various aspects of academic and support services and facilitates the redressal of grievances through a transparent and efficient mechanism.
  5. Promotion of Research and Innovation: IQAC encourages and supports research and innovation activities among faculty and students, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge creation.
  6. Collaboration and Networking: It fosters collaboration and networking with other institutions, industries, and research organizations to leverage resources and expertise for quality enhancement initiatives.
  7. Preparation for Accreditation and Assessment: IQAC plays a pivotal role in preparing the institution for accreditation processes and external assessments, ensuring compliance with accreditation criteria and standards.

The IQAC of Khunta Degree Mahavidyalaya serves as a catalyst for transformation and excellence in higher education. Through its proactive approach, systematic processes, and stakeholder engagement, it contributes significantly to the institution’s journey towards academic and institutional autonomy, excellence, and global competitiveness. By fostering a culture of quality assurance and continuous improvement, the IQAC upholds the institution’s commitment to delivering value-based and holistic education to its stakeholders.