Our Principal
Success come to those who work hard and stays with those who do not rest on the laurels of the past.

Let us thank God almighty our express our deepest gratitude to our founder members of the governing body for their vision and the powerful sense of mission that has guided us in our march towards excellence. Our college is endowed with progressive outlook aims continual growth on the quality of all academic activities with a sense of commitment to fully meet the expectation of the student, parents and society at large.

I therefore thanks to all the teachers non-teaching students for their hard and smart work special thanks to the sports personal and sportive spirit of the students whose endeavor make the college for grand success in the field of sports and athletic meet at university and all Odisha university level sport like football, cricket, volleyball and hockey.

Let us all invoke the blessing of LORD JAGANNATH AND MAA SARASWATI.

--Saroj Ranjan Tripathy, M.A. in History, LLB--

Succession list of Principal
Sl. No. Name Period
1 Sanjulata Mohanty , M.A. in Sanskrit 06.09.93 to 20.08.01
2 Saroj Ranjan Tripathy , M.A. , LLB in History 20.08.01 to 14.05.13
3 Sj . P.K. Mishra , M.A. in Pol . Sc .  14.05.13 to 20.02.19
4 Saroj Ranjan Tripathy , M.A. , LLB in History 20.02.19 to cont.