Rules & Regulations
Rules of Discipline
  1. The academic session of the college is from June to May classes will commence after it is notified by the Principal .
  2. E – Admission to the different classes begins after the publication of the results of various examinations till the date as prescribed by the Govt . of Orissa .
  3. Undertaking :
    Before a student is admitted to the College he / she or his / her guardian ( if he / she is below 18 years of age ) has to sign an undertaking in specified form to the effect that the student shall abide by the rules of the College . ( Vide Article 106 of the O.E.C. ) .
  4. Each student must register in the college office the address at which he lives , any change in the address must be intimated to the office in writing .
  5. Identity Card:
    • Students are advised to always keep with them their Identity Card which will entitle them to all privileges of college students . A student taking T.C. or C.L.C. in the middle of the year shall submit his / her Identity Card in the College office . No duplicate Identity Card can ordinarily be issue.
    • The Identity Card shall be surrendered in the college office and when the Principal so desires.
  6. How to Submit the application:
    • All written applications addressed to the Principal should ordinarily be submitted through the respective H.O.Ds. in whose absence the applications may be sent through the next senior teacher of the concerned department .
    • All applications of routine shall be put in a locked book , keep for the purpose in front of the Principal’s office between 1 1 A.M. to 2 P.M. on working days .
  7. Interviews Hours:
    Students should not ordinarily enter into the college office, staff common Room and Principal’s office without permission. Only the student at a particular time may be permitted to have this interview with the Principal with prior permission.
  8. Private club or Team:
    No Bonafide student of the college can join any outside club or society without prior permission of the Principal and also an undertaking by his father or natural guardian .
  9. Payment of Fees and Fines:
    • Fees must he paid before 2 P.M. on the days fixed for their collection . Names of the defaulters will be struck off from the college roll and re – admission would involve an additional payment of one month’s tuition fees / re – admission fee .
    • Any fine imposed on the students will be realized along with the tuition fees.
    • Exemption from default fine or re – admission fee can not be claimed by students . It solely rests on the discretion of the Principal.
    • All other fees and fines including the tuition fees are to be collected from the student’s before they are allowed to fill up as the case may be.
    • Results of promotion to the next higher class will be withheld for students who have not cleared up their college dues.
  10. CLC, T.C., Conduct Certificate, Mark Sheet:
    • Students intending to apply for C.L.C. , T.C. Conduct Certificate form and mark sheet etc. need apply in the prescribed form obtainable from college office .
    • The application is to be submitted three clear days before the certificate is wanted by the student.
  11. Cycle Stand
    Cycle must be padlocked and kept in the Cycle Stand students parking cycles elsewhere inside the college campus shall be penalized or the cycle may be sent to the police station a unclaimed property.
  12. General Discipline
    • Students are expected to conduct themselves in manner that will not tarnish the good name of their alma mater.
    • Regular attendance , maintenance of silence in the class room college library , proper use of leisure hours , healthy participation in the activities of the college Provide a sense of belonging to Institution.
    • Every student is expected to wear neat and gentle dress and be polite and gentle in his / her manner and speech.
    • Students should treat their fellow students as brothers and sisters and their teachers and guardians as superiors.
    • Students should not be rude to the office staff not behave with them in a discourteous manner , Any complaint regarding official lapses should be brought to the notice of the Principal .
    • Students are forbidden to ride motorcycle , scooters and two wheelers within the campus during the college hour . They will be penalized if found to do so.
    • The College exists for the purpose of education , sports , games and cultural activities and politics in Colleges should always be dealt with in a scholarly way in the form of lecturers and thoughtful address . The Principal may however prohibit all students from attending a political meeting .
    • Students should stand in a queue while depositing the college bundles , Issue – Receive of Library Books or for any other purpose .
    • Students should not leave the hall in the midst of any of the y college meetings unless it is absolutely necessary .
    • Free studentships and aids from the SS.G. , S.A.F. Scholarships and other financial assistances may be withdrawn from a student if he / she is found irregular in attending classes or examinations or if he / she is involved in any act of indiscipline.
  13. Lecture , Tutorials and Practical :
    As soon as the Tutorial / Practical groups are formed a student must find out to which group he / she has been assigned . if a student is not assigned to any group . he / she should bring of the immediate notice of the Prof. – in – charge of the time table .
  14. A student of the college must lead a disciplined life and also abide by such hygienic principles and submit himself herself to such anti – epidemic procedure as would be laid down by the Principal .
    • Students must be in the class room before the Lecturer enters the class and be attentive.
    • Girls students should be allowed to occupy seats in the front rows or seats provided separately for them.
    • Students not connected with a lecture should not assemble in front of the lecture – hall not make noise in the vicinity
    • Students are forbidden to loiter on the college verandah when classes are going on.
    • Students coming late and seeking permission to attend the class may be allowed at the discretion of the concerned lecturer.
    • A student may leave the class room with permission during the course of lecture for reason of indisposition or valid grounds.
    • In no circumstances shall teaching be interrupted by any student in the class .
    • Students found disturbing in any way inside the college campus, particularly in the classes , shall be liable for disciplinary action.
    • Every student is required to attend his / her class regularly and punctually.
    • Students must maintain pin drop silence near the college office , Principal office , Staff Common Room, College library. They cannot enter into the Teacher’s Common Room and des Principal’s Office without permission .
    • Students found eye – testing shall severely deal with and run the risk of being expelled.
    • Any disobedience, misbehaviors by any student to any member of the staff of the college will be severely dealt with and the concerned student will be liable for expulsion from the college.
    • Students should not resort to any act of violence by way of protest for any difficulty found by them or for any alleged grievances on their part on such difficulties or grievances . If any should be first brought to the notice of the concerned proctor and departmental heads and through them, if necessary, to the Principal for solution.
  15. Notice:
    • All office orders , decisions and instructions are given on the college Notice Board placed at different points in the college premises . Every student is expected to go through the notices to be aware of the information . Ignorance of any sort due to negligence or otherwise on the part of a student , shall not be on the part of accepted as an excuse .
    • Students are forbidden to remove notices from the Notice Board .
    • If clarification or implication of an information given in the Notice Board is desired . Students may contact the Head Clerk or the Dealing Assistant for the purpose .
    • Every student should go through the college calendar prospectus lesson plan in his / her own interest.
  16. Use of College Premises Property:
    • Students should not spit on the walls , floors , pillars or doors or of the college building , nor they should damage / disfigure college walls and paths in any manner .
    • Students must not tamper with college electric fittings, furnitures, laboratory filtings, apparatus, library books/journals, newspapers, catalogues etc.
    • In case of any damage to the college property the cost of the property along with the fine shall be realised from the concerned student.
  17. Punishment :
    For any breach of discipline the concerned student shall be reprimanded or punished by a fine or by expulsion or rustication or be detained or weeded out as is deemed proper.

The above is only a summary of some of the more common rules and is by no means exhaustive